Zupt Showcases VertiCAM, HaloCAM & 3D Recon at Ocean Business 2023

What We Showcased: VertiCAM, HaloCAM & 3D Recon

Ocean Business 2023 brought together ocean science and technology professionals from around the world for three days of innovation and collaboration at the National Oceanography Centre. At Zupt's stand #F4, we proudly presented our state-of-the-art renewable solutions, including VertiCAM and HaloCAM, and our cutting-edge subsea 3D modeling system, 3D Recon. This tradeshow provided us an excellent platform to showcase our commitment to simplifying operational success by developing more efficient and easier-to-use solutions.

At Ocean Business 2023, Zupt's focus was on our renewable solutions for in-air verticality and subsea inclination, as well as our advanced subsea 3D modeling system.

  1. VertiCAM: Our VertiCAM solution addresses the need for accurate in-air verticality measurements for monopiles and transition pieces. It comprises a camera, tightly coupled IMU, and LiDAR technology enabling precise and efficient data collection.
  2. HaloCAM: HaloCAM is designed to provide subsea inclination measurements for conductor and suction anchors. By combining a camera and IMU, this solution offers accurate and reliable data for various subsea and renewable applications.
  3. 3D Recon: Zupt's 3D Recon system delivers high-resolution geospatially correct models, revolutionizing fast digital imaging, precise positioning with respect to structures, and the creation of digital twin models. This technology offers enhanced efficiency and accuracy for integrity management.

Image: Keith Vickery (left) at the Zupt stand at Ocean Business 

Zupt's Training Session & Lessons Learned

In line with our mission to deliver quality results faster, we conducted a training session at Ocean Business focused on the planning, data acquisition, and processing associated with 3D Recon. During this session, we had the opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned and issues resolved from our previous work, specifically after successfully completing our first major Integrity Management survey for a major operator last year. In that survey, we inspected 400 subsea structures in three different fields. From this experience, we gained key lessons about the significance of meticulous planning to ensure the success of large-scale surveys and effective time and resource management for processing large volumes of data.

Furthermore, we showcased our planning tool, 3D Recon Painter, which was developed to optimize data collection. By leveraging this tool, we reduced the time required for data acquisition while still achieving high-quality results.

The training session sparked engaging discussions regarding the future of subsea asset visualization, and participants recognized the value of innovative technologies such as 3D Recon in enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, this session provided a space for us to share the lessons we learned and the solutions we implemented based on our past experiences. Through addressing the challenges encountered in the field, we strive to refine our methodologies to deliver even better results in future projects.

Looking Forward to Ocean Business 2025

Keith Vickery, Zupt's President, states, "Ocean Business provides an exceptional platform to connect with industry leaders and showcase our cutting-edge technologies. We are proud to be part of this event, which fuels innovation and collaboration within the ocean science and technology community. Looking ahead to Ocean Business 2025, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of simplifying operational success and continuing to deliver advanced surveying services and technologies that meet the evolving needs of the Energy industry."

Ocean Business 2023 was a remarkable opportunity for Zupt to showcase our VertiCAM, HaloCAM, and 3D Recon solutions to the global Energy industry. We are grateful for the engaging conversations and connections made during the event. As we look forward to Ocean Business 2025, Zupt remains committed to driving innovation and simplifying operational success for our clients through the development of efficient and easier-to-use solutions.

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