Resolving Cable Issues: Neoprene vs. PBOF

Join us as we witness a heated debate surrounding cable selection for subsea operations unfold, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of neoprene cables versus the newer PBOF technology. Discover how a simple nick in a neoprene cable can render it useless, while PBOF cables claim to offer a longer lifespan, potentially saving significant costs in the long run.

Will they find common ground or remain divided?

When faced with a ground fault issue, the ROV had to resurface, prompting a discussion over cable selection for subsea operations. The debate centers around the reliability and lifespan of neoprene/PU cables compared to the benefits of PBOF cables. While one argues that PBOF cables are prone to damage and require constant attention, the other argues that proper cable hygiene and training can mitigate potential issues. They agree on investing in neoprene/PU cables, which promise a more robust and durable solution, eliminating the need for frequent checks and clamps.

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