Digital Twin Generation Using 3D Recon

In this video, Keith discusses the powerful use of Zupt's 3D Recon technology for digital twin generation. These high-resolution models capture the structure's exact condition to visualize the way assets sit on the sea floor – just as if the water wa...

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From Oil & Gas Surveying to an Energy Industry Service Supplier

Keith shares Zupt's transition from oil and gas surveying to an energy industry service provider. It all started with the use of inertial navigation systems for land seismic surveys. Then, Zupt expanded to the offshore sector with 15+ years of experi...

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Resolving Cable Issues: Neoprene vs. PBOF

Join us as we witness a heated debate surrounding cable selection for subsea operations unfold, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of neoprene cables versus the newer PBOF technology. Discover how a simple nick in a neoprene cable can render ...

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3D Recon & Integrity Management

Introducing our latest video showcasing the power of high-resolution, spatially accurate 3D models. Late last year, we embarked on our first major survey for a large operator solely focusing on integrity management utilizing Zupt's 3D Recon. And in j...

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Zupt Showcases VertiCAM, HaloCAM & 3D Recon at Ocean Business 2023

Zupt Showcases VertiCAM, HaloCAM & 3D Recon at Ocean Business 2023

What We Showcased: VertiCAM, HaloCAM & 3D Recon Ocean Business 2023 brought together ocean science and technology professionals from around the world for three days of innovation and collaboration at the National Oceanography Centre. At...

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High-Resolution Modeling: 3D Recon

Thank you, Sea Technology, for featuring 3D Recon, Zupt's subsea modeling sensor for structural integrity management, in the February edition covering instrumentation: measurement, processing, and analysis. Turn to page 15.  Sea Technology Febru...

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3D Recon Painter

Early in developing 3D Recon, we realized the need to plan data acquisition to ensure complete data sets are collected. Therefore, we built a tool that preemptively looks at a CAD model of the structure and shows you what the coverage is based on a d...

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Remote Metrology Through Our Clients' Eyes

Zupt's remote metrology solution and some of the benefits it offers our clients and us, as opposed to a conventional manned metrology. 

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Getting to Depth & to Work With C-PINS

C-PINS is Zupt's inertial metrology solution that allows us to quickly get to depth and to work without a lot of lead time with ROV interfacing and eliminating the installation of an acoustic array. In total, our C-PINS metrology only takes 6 - 10 ho...

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What Does "Zupt" Mean?

Keith Vickery gives the meaning behind the name of his company Zupt, which is an acronym used in inertial navigation systems for zero velocity updates. 

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Traits of a Good Offshore Surveyor

What does it take to be a good offshore surveyor? Alex discusses some traits of a good offshore surveyor. Including a strong mathematical background, a keen eye for detail, a willingness to work in harsh environments, a desire to travel, and consider...

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The Harsh Environment Subsea

Zupt's head of offshore operations, Alex Spriggs, discusses the harsh environment we work in and how you must respect it when integrating electronic sensors. 

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Remote Subsea Metrology

250+ Metrologies Successfully Completed Our team has completed over 250 reliable and accurate metrologies for our clients. The small footprint of the system and ease of mobilization has been proven through multiple long-term contracts completed globa...

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