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Zupt and Sagem (Safran) Enter Into an Agreement

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Zupt and Sagem (Safran) Enter Into an Agreement

Zupt, LLC has entered into an agreement with Sagem (Safran) for the development of the subsea hydrographic and oil and gas market for the Sagem BlueNaute® product range. This will include standard subsea heading, pitch, roll and heave products as well as aided inertial options (USBL smoothing and Sparse LBL) to be combined within the subsea BlueNaute® products.

BlueNaute® is based on hemispherical resonator gyros (HRG), a patented Sagem (Safran) technology that was initially used in spacecraft. This new-generation inertial navigation system is already used in aerospace, which has very demanding reliability requirements. BlueNaute has been developed to be fully compliant with International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) treaty requirements. Because of its core HRG technology, BlueNaute also offers virtually unlimited service life. BlueNaute navigation systems have been in production since the end of 2012, and are integrated in Sagem’s Montluçon plant. Sagem has developed proven expertise in all inertial technologies – mechanical, laser, fiber-optic, vibrating – and has over 60 years of experience in making navigation systems for both civil and military platforms deployed by customers from around the world.

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Sagem, a high-tech company of Safran, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and safety-critical software for both civil and military markets. Sagem is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. Operating across the globe through the Safran group, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 7,500 people in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. Sagem is the commercial name of the company Sagem Défense Sécurité. Fore more information:

Zupt, based in Houston Texas is an integrator of inertial technology specifically focused on oil and gas and hydrographic survey applications. Zupt has existing products and services for offshore subsea precise surveys including metrology as well as onshore land survey products for precise land surveying in GPS denied or canopy covered areas. Zupt has worked with Sagem’s inertial navigation systems for the past 10 years. Zupt provides offshore survey services worldwide and currently operates in Europe, West Africa and the US Gulf of Mexico.