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Zupt Completes ISO 9001:2008 Re-Certification

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Zupt, LLC has received ISO 9001:2008 re-certification. After a successful audit of our Quality Management System by DNV-GL in February we are proud to stand behind our successful quality management system. Obtaining this re-certification proves Zupt, LLC’s dedication to providing quality control and conformity assurance continues. The International Organization of Standards publishes the Quality Management System standards to assist companies in achieving their quality goals. Being compliant in 9001:2008 is a solid foundation for an organization to establish their own system, within the standards, that works for them.

Here at Zupt we have developed comprehensive Process Quality Plans that have assisted all of our departments, from Engineering through to Customer Support in achieving our quality management goals. Using these Process Quality Plans we are proud to say that our product and services conformity is constantly improving.

“Determining our non-conformities and areas where corrective action might be required has allowed us to quantify our need for improvement in any given department. Remaining compliant with 9001:2008 has provided us with year round data to monitor our successes and short comings. Identifying where a problem exists has allowed us to promptly address and re-mediate the issue. Alternatively, we can see what works well in specific departments and if applicable we can apply them to other areas of the company. Year round monitoring of our quality management is the biggest advantage to 9001:2008 here at Zupt.” – Keith

Our certificate can be viewed at the following web address: ISO 9001:2008Certificate