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Happy Holidays from Zupt!

Happy Holidays from Zupt!

Twas the nigt before Christmas and in Houston, Texas
Keith Vickery was snoring as he dreamed about nexus…es.
Offshore metrologies and field survey crews,
“No GPS under canopy!! Whatever will we do?!”
He woke with a start and with sweat on his brow
“I know we can solve this problem, but how?”
He pondered and mulled and weighed all the options.
Ate Santa’s cookies lest he faint from exhaustion.

He nibbled on carrots as he brainstormed some more
He felt a yawn coming so he let out a roar.
Just as he gave up and was headed to bed
“I’ve got it! We’ll use inertial navigation instead!”

He jotted some notes so he would remember
The brilliant idea from this night in December.
First thing in the morning he’d gather the team.*
They’d work out the kinks and smooth out the seams.

He called Anno and Ray and Carlos and Tim,
Texted Jen, Ozer, Alex, Nick, Sam and Kim,
He couldn’t forget Bill, who’s as bright as a button
For an emergency meeting at the office on Cutten.*

They hashed out the details and drew out the plans
For systems to be used both offshore and on land.
That winter morning B-PINS and C-PINS were born,
They knew these systems would take the world by storm.

They ended their meeting with hearts full of joy
Returned to their families and their Christmas toys.
Now that the story of Zupt has been brought to light
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

*DISCLAIMER: Keith would never call a meeting on Christmas day, of course!

Zupt is keeping busy with metrologies!

October has proven to be a very busy month for Zupt! In the span of just two weeks, our team has completed six metrologies in Angola, Congo, and the Gulf of Mexico. We wanted to share a poignant comment recently made by a client: “When you go inertial, you stay with inertial.” We’d like to extend our appreciation to our expanding base of customers who continue to trust Zupt’s products and services for their projects – Thank you!

As Zupt continues to grow, we are constantly developing new ways to improve the products and services we provide. One of our recent innovations is a light weight (lighter weight) 4,000m rated titanium C-PINS system, which was recently successfully deployed for the Congo project. We also have some new simple ROV tooling to allow multiple survey instruments to be carried and used within a single ROV dive.

If you would like details on the quality of the data produced by the use of our C-PINS systems in our recent metrologies, or if you’d like to discuss how Zupt can help you increase the productivity of your next project, please email us at or give us a call at 832-295-7280.

Are You The Right Fit?

Are You The Right Fit?

Zupt provides unique solutions for offshore subsea surveying based around inertial navigation systems. We are looking to hire Marine Construction Surveyors and Survey Engineers in support of our offshore survey operations. We will provide all of the training and familiarization you will need to fully understand how Zupt utilizes inertial technologies to increase productivity for our clients. These positions will require regular international travel to regions including, but not limited to, West Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia and the North Sea to work in the field for up to 180 days a year. We understand what your experience is worth, so we offer a very competitive salary, benefits package and field allowance. All required offshore survival certificates, medicals and other industry training will be paid for by Zupt.

If you are fully qualified and based overseas and would be interested in relocating to the US we are prepared to provide fully funded relocation to the US if you are an exceptional candidate.

Desired Skills and Experience
The Marine Construction Surveyor and Survey Engineer positions require an undergraduate degree in Surveying or Engineering,OR at least 5 years equivalent relevant offshore work experience.

Experience interfacing survey instruments onto ROV’s and mobilizing vessels in remote locations.
Marine construction survey experience should include some of the following:

  • Long baseline acoustic positioning system installation, calibration and use
  • Ultra short baseline acoustic positioning systems – calibration and configuration
  • Integrated navigation software systems – several of the industry standard programs
  • AutoCAD and similar drafting programs
  • Interfacing, trouble shooting and configuration of survey instruments:
    DGPS systems, pressure transducers, gyros, sonars, CTD instruments, etc.

Experience completing some of the following types of surveys:

  • Metrology
  • Cut to length
  • Structure installation – LBL
  • Pipeline crossing mat installation
  • USBL system installation and calibration
  • Touchdown monitoring
  • Out of straightness

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. Fluent English is a must.

You must be fit and pass a medical. Note that you will be randomly drug tested as part of the application and employment process, pursuant to industry standards.

You you believe you are the right fit Zupt is looking for, please apply on our LinkedIn Job Posting. If you do not have access to LinkedIn, you may email your CV/resume to

An exciting update on our latest system!

An exciting update on our latest system!

Last month, Zupt announced the development of our latest inertial navigation system. We have continued to make significant progress on the new land seismic system, and continue to prepare for its debut at SEG.

Anyone wanting a faster, easier, and more cost-efficient onshore survey solution should be excited about this new product. Those who are familiar with our current B-PINS solution are already aware of the time and cost saving abilities our technology provides in GPS denied areas. We have integrated this proven technology into a lighter, smaller, and smarter package to create a new system with improved capabilities.

Click here for access to more details on this new system on our company website. If you would like additional information, feel free to contact us at, and don’t forget to pay us a visit at SEG booth 3368. We look forward to seeing you there!

Something New for your Land Seismic Surveys

Something New for your Land Seismic Surveys

At Zupt, we are constantly working to improve the products and services we offer. After working diligently for many months, we are nearing completion of our newest inertial navigation system.

Improved designs and added features further increase productivity and reduce land seismic survey times. This new product will, of course, deliver the accuracy, reliability and quality that you would expect from any other Zupt product.

Be on the lookout for continued updates as we near the launch of the latest and greatest Zupt system. You can see this exciting new development for yourself at SEG booth 3368.